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Terms and Conditions:

Important Information:

The Capital Loan service is an initiative of private limited finance and the online loan service to improve the functionality

and stability of the Capital loan online financial system. We wish to inform you that we shall now be reporting the data pertaining to your account with us to the concerned

Capital Loan online finance. This data will be updated on a regular basis for all our customers.

Other Information:

• Part Payment is allowed after initial EMIs. Maximum 8.78% of current Principal Outstanding is allowed as part payment in a financial year, this can be online payment or maximum of one time payments totaling up to 5% of Principal Outstanding. In case you wish to avail this option, part payment charges is not applicable on partial payment. Part payment to be made from customer’s own fund. This facility is allowed only for customers who have opted for Smart Property Loan, Business Loan & any type of loans. Part payment is allowed for customers who have opted for Simple Property Loan Business loan, Home loan, Car Loan, Education Loan & other type of loan requirement.

• if the Demand Draft is not submitted by the customer to the previous financer within 90 days, Demand Draft amount will be adjusted in the Principal Outstanding post 90 days & also outcome to customer bearing both EMIs till adjustment/repayment.

• Any change in mobile no id, email id  address, mobile numbers and other contact details must be intimated to Rupa Loan Finance, the Loan Account Number along with a valid document proof valid.

• Interest rates will be provided on request at the end of each completed financially year submitted.

• Should you require any further information Loan Centers, we request you to carry a Valid Photo ID card to be furnished or provide a proper authority letter and  photo ID to your representative along with his / her photo ID

• Kindly ensure that your account is funded with sufficient funds at least a day prior to your EMI date, to avoid bounce charges not available in finance in online loan

• If any of the lust address proofs is provided, then within 3 months from date of disbursal, the updated Officially Valid Document with the current address should be submitted by the customer to the bank.

General Information:

• Repayment Schedule: Repayment Schedule provides the amount of each EMI, due dates and also provides the outstanding principal realization of each installment. Please note that you can access the repayment schedule by logging into the Customer service

IMPORTANT: The outstanding principal should not be taken as the only obligation to the Company under this Loan Agreement. Prepayment penalty, other charges, including its subsidiaries/affiliates/assignee on any account whatsoever, whether present of future, including any liability of  either singly or along with any other person are also payable at the time of full and final settlement.

• Swap of the Mode of Repayment: The facility of substituting the existing instructions for repayment of EMIs can be allowed. This can be done by submitting set of fresh instructions along with cheque at any of our Branches.

IMPORTANT: Please note that from the date of receipt of fresh instructions, 90 working days are required for affecting the swap. Till such time, the existing instructions will remain, and necessary cover funds must be provided for the same. Once the Swap is activated, the cheques will be retained at our end. In case you wish these to be returned, kindly lodge a request.

• Statement of Account: Statement of Loan Account provides details of repayments and can be furnished upon request

• Pre-Payment of Loans: Any payment made towards pre-payment of loan should be done at least 7 working days before the validity date to factor /cash clearing timelines. The interest will stop accruing on your loan account from the date of clearing and excess funds, if any, will be credited to the bank account registered with us.

.The user hereby agree and declare that whatever applicable,  the customer has submitted own Aadhar card issued by udai for the purpose of conpliance requiements of the authorized service as and when required.

For Schedule of Charges please click on link